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I am passionate about making data simple to understand and act on through improved tools for management, analytics and visualization. I strive to bring a lasting positive change to the world through technology.

Product Manager

I love seeing a product succeed in the hands of customers and in the marketplace. I have led product efforts in three start-ups from requirements gathering to agile development. I have also helped clients such as Microsoft, Socialbakers, or Blackhawk Network better target their customers through market understanding and product innovation.

User Experience Designer

I have led UX design and user research projects for enterprise technology companies in Silicon Valley and Europe directing key products from requirements gathering to shipment. My passion and focus lie in tough data management, analytics, and visualization problems making formerly enterprise technology usable by consumers.

Front-end Developer

I begun my career as a web and Java application user interface programmer and view programing as a valuable expressive skill. Recently I have fixed bugs in a Ruby on Rails platform, wrote web-crawling Python scripts, and created several HTML/CSS prototypes. I am also familiar with Wordpress, Mediawiki, or Drupal.


A few examples of my work. More are being added.


A tablet computer for older seniors



Web platform to promote volunteer engagement



Cloud platform for the analysis and visualization of genomic data


VMware Zimbra

Open-source email and collaboration suite (administration interface re-design)           


VMware - Animated Scatterplot

Experimental tool for datacenter monitoring (Pat. pending)


VMware vCenter Operations

Redesign of VMware's offering for datacenter monitorning, trouleshooting, and capacity management


VMware - Application of Radar Charts to Datacenter monitoring

Experimental visualization design (Pat. pending)


About Me


Martin Bednar

Besides enterprise and productivity technology, I love sports, outdoors, and travel. Here are some examples of my travel and event photography.

I am also passionate about fostering technology entrepreneurship and building bridges among people in varied professions. As such, I have co-organized the first ever university hackathon in Hong Kong and the >play conference Hackathon in Berkeley, CA, a hackathon accompanying the largest student-led digital media conference in the U.S.

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